Joan Strøm is odensean, born in the town in 1962.

About me

I have most of my adult life been engaged as an independent hairdresser.
Alongside this, I have always had a great need to express myself creatively in different ways. In recent years solely as a graphic artist. The painting has become a big part of my life and gives me an incredible amount of joy.
I find inspiration everywhere - in my daily life, in nature, even in the weather.
My paintings can easily start one place and to my surprise end somewhere else.

I search for all aspects of the process

I'm constantly finding new and different instruments, opening unknown and exciting avenues for my creativity. My color choice is very different, I lie rather not stuck in a style.

About my art.

I like to work with many different creative ways to achieve my result.
Throughout the materials, I can express and communicate the feelings that the experience has been in me. It gives me also a chance to paint in the moment and maintain a certain kind of spontaneity.
We live in a time when there is much focus on everything to be structured, but in the abstract art world, everything is left to the imagination and creativity of both the practitioner as observer.